Supplying natural gas molecules and services in North America

Natural Gas

Wyetree is a natural gas supplier providing services for gas utilities, energy and midstream organizations in North America. We export molecules to Mexico where we are a regulated provider of natural gas with both import and commercial permits.

Our teams of gas engineers and professionals are experts in their field with decades of experience in the industry.

Comprehensive solutions for natural gas supply

Natural gas supplier and EPC contractor

Gas nomination and trading services

Imbalance management

Regulated natural gas company in Mexico

Import and commercial permits

Natural gas supplier and EPC contractor


Wyetree is part of the natural gas supply chain by pipeline that comes from South Texas basins and enters Mexico through the multiple pipelines that are currently in operation. For each client we guarantee the capacity and molecule both in the transportation pipelines inside the United States, and the transportation pipelines in Mexico, to the final delivery point.

We have our own proprietary software system that helps our clients to visualize the natural gas market behaviour and give them certainty about their consumption.

Wyetree provides comprehensive solutions in the molecule supply, by importing and marketing it through the existing gas pipeline network.